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Aura T8 and T5 Eco Saver Long Life are Long Life fluorescent lamps. This means that you save both energy and maintenance costs. Your energy consumption could be 12 percent lower and will last 3 times longer. In addition you can still use your existing luminaires designed for T8 and T5 lamps. This makes this unique lamp a suitable solution for customers who want to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Aura's proven Long Life concept saves you at least two out of three replacement cycles, because the lamps burn at least three times longer than standard products on the market. No other supplier can provide you with a combined energy saving and Long Life solution. Besides saving money, you are also reducing your CO2 emissions.

Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps are based on two special patents. One covers a unique cathode shield construction and the other covers the inside protection layer to minimize the lumen depreciation process. The data is specified for an ambient temperature of +30°C.

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