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Long Life

The Aura ULTIMATE Long Life fluorescent lamp is the result of intensive research and continuous development. It has the world’s longest service life and an extremely low lamp failure rate. This unique T8 lamp sets the standard for products with an extended lifetime. Aura ULTIMATE Long Life has a service life of 48,000 hours when operated with magnetic ballast with starter and 70,000 hours when operated with electronic ballast.

Aura ULTIMATE Long Life is developed based on a patented cathode shield construction. This design provides a unique fluorescent lamp with an exceptionally long service life combined with an improved end-of life protection against overheating. A Long Life solution provides an advantage for applications with high ceilings, hard to reach luminaires or cost intensive replacement areas.

ULTIMATE fits in all luminaires developed and installed for T8 lamps. The Aura ULTIMATE Long Life range is designed for operation with electronic ballast (preferably warm start) or magnetic ballast with starter. Aura ULTIMATE Long Life is a high colour rendering tri-phosphor lamp (Ra 85).

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